Slimy Stitches

It is understood that ⸤distillation⸣ is a process by which ⸤slimes⸣ maybe be both concentrated and made more amenable to their ⸤purposes⸣. However, this process does not reduce their ⸤curative properties⸣ when applied to a ⸤garden's components⸣.

Through the application of a ⸤purpose-made object⸣ to a fully ⸤distilled slime⸣ a form of thread may be produced with minimal cost to the surrounding ⸤garden⸣.

Such thread is suitable for lacing through any ⸤damaged components⸣, and noticeably prolongs their ⸤life⸣.

A slight reduction in the drinks offered by ⸤plants⸣ is reported, but is offset by the reduction in effort spent harvesting and preparing ⸤fresh components⸣. The thread may be reused multiple times before it dies.

No tests were performed on ⸤paths⸣.