I'm Else (as in the adjective or adverb), a queer creature who does various pointless things. Sometimes my writing makes people feel things.

If you're here for the map of ways of being, ⸢click this link

Mostly I'm on twitter:

  • @maybeElse, where I post my microfiction, selfies, and other thoughts.
  • @elseDoesArt, where I post my artwork.
  • @oft_decayed, where I post stuff which would need heavy content warnings on main.

I'm also on ⸢Pillowfort⸥ and ⸢Cohost

I have a collection of short stories on ⸢itch.io

More of my writing can be found ⸢here

If you like what I'm doing you can ⸢support me on Patreon⸥ or ⸢buy prints of my artwork

That's all.