Events At The Estate

At 9:34 PM, the party in the red hall was asked to pause their activities and take part in a minute of silence to honor those who died to make their meal possible.

They declined.

By 10:20 PM it became obvious that the estate was in danger of becoming understaffed.

As the estate's primary objective is the satisfaction of visiting parties, it refused requests from the remaining staff to deploy countermeasures at 10:22 PM, 10:28 PM, 10:31 PM, 10:32 PM, 10:33 PM, and 11:01 PM.

Meanwhile the party in the red hall left the red hall.

As the estate was not hosting any other events, no measures had been taken to isolate the visiting party. This proved inadvisable, and the estate's Standards of Service have been updated to correct the oversight moving forward.

At 11:02 PM the party breached the last barricade.

Entrance into the servant's halls is of course forbidden to visiting parties for reasons of safety and hygiene, but the staff on hand were unable to escort the visiting party back to their prescribed hall.

At 11:06 PM the estate recognized that it had become understaffed.

For reasons of safety, the two remaining staff members were recalled to the estate's heart at 11:08 PM. After awarding them each one demerit for improper usage of a linen closet (the designated area for staff to hide and cry is their bedrooms), they were placed inside the heart.

The visiting party continued to explore the estate until 12:00 AM, at which point the estate rang the Bedtime Bell.

The bell was ineffective.

By 12:30 AM it became clear that the visiting party was searching for the estate's heart.

At 12:31 AM the visiting party was warned that their success would constitute a violation of their contract with the estate, and would result in the withdrawal of any privileges or protections they presently enjoyed.

Their response was unprintable.

Despite further warnings (at 12:35 AM, 12:40 AM, 12:45 AM, and 12:47 AM), by 12:46 AM the visiting party had located and reached the Aortic Door.

At 12:48 AM they violated their contract with the estate by attempting to force the door.

The visiting party was consumed.

Surviving staff were held within the heart until morning, when they were woken and tasked with contacting the estate's preferred cleaner and mortuary. The cost of cleaning and funerals were charged to the visiting party's accounts, along with a penalty for breach of contract.