Crystals, Window, Decapitation

"Why!" (slam) "won't!" (slam) "you!" (slam) "die!"

She brings the window down on your neck again and again, each impact sending fresh cracks shooting through your body's smooth glass, reopening the old ones you had so laboriously sealed earlier in the day.

A passerby glances at you, curious about the noise; you do your best to smile back, to ward off his attention. It's easy enough not to wince, to play this off as just some game.

It's not like you have proper nerves anymore, after all!

After a few moments he keeps on walking.

She slams the window one last time, rattling it in its frame, cracking your neck just a bit more, and–


This is the one.

For a moment you feel your body collapsing but then it's too far away and there's just the sickening sensation of spinning as you fall.

A moment after you hit the ground, not hard enough for the grassy dirt to do any more damage; distantly you hear two thumps from inside, and a scream of exhausted triumph.

Well, that's okay.

You'll wait a bit before making a bit of noise to help your body find you.

She can have her triumph–heaven knows the poor thing needs it, right? She's been saddled with you for so very long, ever since your ...

You absentmindedly try to eat some grass.

It tastes like dirt and piss.

You spit it out.

From inside you hear crunching noises and sobbing; she must be trying to break up your body into shards small enough for disposal again. It's been a while since she put so much effort into getting rid of you, so that's good! Maybe things are looking up for her.

It'll mean that your body will have to put itself back together first, slow things down a bit, but that's fine.

She needs her triumphs, temporary as they are.

It starts to rain and you open your mouth, letting it fill with perfectly clean water as mud sucks you down.