I'm Else (as in the adjective or adverb), a queer creature who does various pointless things. You might know me from Twitter. Sometimes my writing makes people feel things.

This website is an archive of my writing, almost all of which was originally posted in an unindexed and unedited form on twitter. I've written quite a bit (350,000 words across nearly 1,200 stories as of the end of November 2022), so the process of organizing and posting my writing here is a rather daunting one. I encourage you to subscribe to the RSS feed or check back regularly to see what I've added ^-^

My work also appears in other places:

  • I have two stories in Emptied Spaces: An Empty Spaces Anthology, which is available as PDF on Itch.io and (sometimes) as a physical book.
  • Joyous/Decay is a collection of some of my best writing from late 2021 and early 2022.
  • Much of my older writing is on write.as, though I'm in the process of moving everything over here.

I have a presence in various social media:

If you like what I'm doing you can support me on Patreon or buy prints of my artwork.